Our Services

Premier-N-Savvy Homes, LLC provide service to the community by purchasing distressed homes for renovation or wholesale to another rehab buyer, thereby improving the overall value of the surrounding homes.  These homes will be purchased, repaired, renovated and resold to the general public as move-in-ready homes.  Some of these homes will be signed over or sold to other redevelopers (wholesaling) instead.
Most homeowners have no idea what options are available to them beyond
listing a house with a Realtor or trying to sell the house on their own and just hoping for the best. We provide a unique alternative to listing their house on their own or with a Realtor.

When we work directly with a home seller, what we provide can not only make for a smooth transaction, but it can also add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars in savings as compared to selling a home through traditional means.

How Do We Compare to a Traditional Buyer?

Traditional Buyer Premier-N-Savvy Homes LLC
Method of Payment Bank Financing CASH
Repairs 1-8% of Homes Value None (Sold AS-IS)
Closing Timeframe 45+ Days 10-14 Days
Commissions 6% of Sale Price None
Seller Paid Closing Costs 1-6% of the Purchase Price Zero
Appraisal Mandatory None
Length of Time on Market 150 Days on the Market (Charlotte Average) 0 Days
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